Printing Services

Superwide PrintingOur capabilities include: Banners and Signage, Billboards, Building Wraps, Display Graphics, Fleet Graphics, Floor Graphics, Glass, In Store Displays, Outdoor Graphics, Point of Purchase, Stage Graphics, Wall Murals, Window Graphics, Vehicle Graphics and much more…

● Vutek Q3200 New!
The Vutek is a UV-curable flat bed and roll to roll printer that can accommodate substrates up to 126” wide and 2” thick on rigid flatbed or roll to roll printing, and offers the ability to print in layers.



Grand/Large PrintingOur capabilities include: Large Format, Grand Format, Giclee Printing and Rigid Material Printing.

● Canon
Up to 60” wide photo quality printing

● Hewlett-Packard
Up to 60” wide photo quality printing

● Fine Art Giclee
12 color process museum quality prints with 200+ light years speed



Small Printing● Digital Short-run on demand printing: The ability to print offset quality without the set-up fees, can print one to thousands.

● Offset printing: When quantities exceed the digital point and it is no longer cost-effective to go digital, offset printing is the solution.

● Digital Proofing: Ultra high resolution printing can be used for critical proofing or small format prints when the quality must be the best.

● Cannon Digital Press NEW! – The latest and greatest, leader in high-end color with a level of quality that rivals offset printing



FinishingOur capabilities include: Custom Routing; Cut Vinyl lettering; Mounting; Laminating; Coating: chalk board, stone, cement textures and more; Custom painted finishes full spray capabilities from custom colors to unique patterns.

● Zund L300 NEW! – State-of-the-art computer controlled cutter/router that cuts almost any material into any shape with exact precision or not.



● Motion Sensitive Mirror: At first glance at a distance, a digital advertisement is projected on the mirror. At close proximity, the advertisement (or message) disappears to reveal a mirror.

● Motion Video Projection Program: A creative video is projected through the windows to give the illusion of moving characters from window to window. The visual would continue in motion if projected throughout the entire floor of the building. (Projection equipment is installed within the building.) This creates a colorful surface; enhancing the palaces reach and depth, while leaving an illuminating trail for all to admire. This media outlet captures the attention of consumers and holds it, as a series of light dances through the glass windows in the spotlight of the night.

● Motion Sensitive Digital Projection Screen Program: A series of screens aligned next to each other using digital projection. As the consumers pass by each screen, the digital element will also move to the next screen giving the appearance that it is following the consumers. Consumers could also have the opportunity to make their own digital art through hand motions across the screen.

● Touch Screen Store or Building Fronts: A digital projection on a transparent surface allowing the consumer to touch selected options. This visual is eye catching, since the screen is a sheet of glass and not a flat screen TV!

● Flat Screen Displays: Integrated around sores, spaces for lease, etc with the ability to fit nicely along with traditional signage.

● Thrust Bus Mobile Media: A custom built, fully wrapped digital bus with projected visuals on each window, will create a digital mobile billboard. Projection equipment is installed within the bus. This digital bus will run for 6-8 hours per night. This highly technological attention-grabber will create extensive buzz wherever it drives.